Be Your Own Stylist

How Emora Works

Everyone has a different way of describing and expressing themselves. The Emora enables you to choose virtually any color to represent your mood. The bracelet also has a pulsating light which fades in and out with your heartbeat, so you can see the intensity of your emotions.

Emora light

Gestural Coloring

Say you want to use the color green to represent happiness, and orange to represent anxiety. You can set the Emora to match the color which reflects your mood.

Emora coloring

Easily Record Your Feelings

Each time you choose a color to show your feelings, the Emora logs it like a journal entry. Whether it’s at the end of the day or anytime in the future, you’ll be able to look back and view a timelapse video of your mood for each period.

Emora record

Seamlessly Fits Into Your Life

The Emora uses vibrations and lights to keep you in the loop. Incoming calls, text message notifications, and calendar alerts can each be assigned their own indicators.

Emora notification

How It Is Social

Stay Connected With Those Who Matter Most

If you want to know how your loved ones feel throughout the day, the Emora has three LEDs which can be assigned to three different individuals such as your family, best friend, and lover. When they change their color on the Emora, you’ll see the change on your bracelet. You’ll be able to see how your closest friends and lover are feeling throughout the day.

Emora connect

Your Own Communication Style

Let your friends know you’ve closed a deal, are excited about an upcoming event, or are just having a great day. Simply choose the color combinations in advance to represent each predefined phrase. These are your secret codes.

Once setup, you can use those codes to communicate with up to ten of your friends without having to type.

Emora secret

How It Is Fun

Pin Your Mood

Have you wondered how different places affect your mood? The Emora’s mood map feature enables you to track how you feel at specific places. A simple tap on the bracelet is all you need to check-in to a location. The mood map also shows which places are popular with Emora users. As more people check into to a location, the circle around the area grows.

Emora checkin

Get Everyone Involved

When you’re out with friends and want to share the fun, you can use the Emora to show how you’re feeling as an entire group. Everyone just needs to set their color on the Emora bracelet or app, and then check in. The Emora detects when you’re near your friends, and shares your colors in a single post.

Emora group


Have you ever owned an accessory expressing your personality in a way sociable and fun?

This is why we’ve created the Emora, a fashionable bracelet that anyone can customize to match their unique personality. The Emora lets you express yourself inside out by playing with colors. The orange happiness, the pinky love, the deep blue envy, the scarlet passion, or anything you want to create and share. You will stay connected with your loved ones and know what they are feeling without words. The possibilities are endless!

Spec Description
Size 22 x 80 x 70 mm (midnight black); 21 x 75 x 65 mm (twilight white)
Weight TBD
Color Midnight Black; Twilight White
Material Stainless steel; silicon rubber
Battery Non-removable ~150 mAh Li-Po battery; with fuel gauge; up to 16 hrs for mixed usage
Charging USB Micro B (female port)
Notification Vibration and light
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, ECG, capacitive touch sensing, button
Display Three-section LED display (24-bit RGB LEDs)
Compatibility iOS and Android
Water resistance Splash proof (IP55)
Clasp Magnetic
Image module